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LJ and Feedback

I know many of you guys don't use LJ as much or not as much as they did one, but the service has new owners and it seems that they are trying to make things better and get back the user trust previous owners lost, after the feedback to the new user page wasn't all good...

There is a way to switch back to the old style by the way, if you don't like this one. navaan linked to it here.

The recent release for example finally brought back subjec lines as an option for new comment styles (which is very important for some communities like fic memes and RPGs etc.) after they've been gone for about 2 years I think. (Old styles still have them as default.)

Anyway, LJ has been asking for feedback about how users use their service to learn more about their userbase and so if you have the time drop over to lj_feedback and comment or drop them at least a line about what you do or like here.

Still thinking about my own feedback. ^^;