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LJ and Feedback

I know many of you guys don't use LJ as much or not as much as they did one, but the service has new owners and it seems that they are trying to make things better and get back the user trust previous owners lost, after the feedback to the new user page wasn't all good...

There is a way to switch back to the old style by the way, if you don't like this one. navaan linked to it here.

The recent release for example finally brought back subjec lines as an option for new comment styles (which is very important for some communities like fic memes and RPGs etc.) after they've been gone for about 2 years I think. (Old styles still have them as default.)

Anyway, LJ has been asking for feedback about how users use their service to learn more about their userbase and so if you have the time drop over to lj_feedback and comment or drop them at least a line about what you do or like here.

Still thinking about my own feedback. ^^;
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Can somebody explain to my why the german title for „Captain America: The Winter Soldier“ is „The Return of the First Avenger”? That makes even less sense than the english to english change of the Thor title… How is that even more understandable to the average German?

If it’s the Winter Soldier story line why not just keep the title as is? (My theory is that they desperately want the “Avenger” in the title, because so far the first Captain America wasn’t exactly the best received MCU installment. I’m not sure the title change is the right way to go, though.)

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Woohoo! Dalek Voice: "THE DOCTOR IS REGENERATING!!" I can't wait to properly meet Twelve! :D

(But why do the Daleks remember the Doctor? Wasn't there...? Well, fuck continuity, I guess...)
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I get strange Vampire Lestat/Anne Rice vibes from this. I mean Tom Hiddleston comes across like a strange mix of Rock musician Lestat and moping, passive Louis (with added upset Loki hair…) None of that is a bad thing really, but I couldn’t stop thinking it while watching the trailer.

And again with the surprise John Hurt! :)
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Rakuten vs. amazon...

There is a lot of talk about the Japanese e-Commerce site wanting to become a competition for amazon, because rakuten bought the Kobo now. Well, good luck then. I do think it’s comparing apples with oranges again - like all the people who thought the Kindle Fire was supposed to be competition for the ipad - when in reality it was made to be a competition for the color reader Nook and Kobo... (Every journalist who thinks he has to compare the Fire to the ipad is not doing his research probably in my opinion and it’s sad to see how many journalist have no idea nowadays that research should be part of their job description...)

Rakuten is an e-commerce platform for different sellers - not a centralized shop with additional functionality.

The only thing that would get me to at least be excited about it would be if the Kobo either would manage to become an ereader for comics that works like the Kindle - because I HATE the comixology system -, or if they managed to open the Japanese book market for e-reading world wide. Amazon was working on that and hasn’t come far, because as it happens so often wit Japanese business models, they don’t want to adapt to international needs, because so far they’ve made money on their home turf. I don’t think rakuten is influential enough to make publishers in Japan adapt right away. In fact I fear rakuten with it's understanding of business is in fact an outsider in Japan, much like softbank was. 

I do wish them luck though, because maybe if they are successful with something outside of Japan at least a few businesses in the country will start thinking more globally.