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Pazithi Gallifreya

Where everything comes together

I'm a big time science fiction nerd, have spent some time in the anime scene and still do some cosplay. Still I'm first and foremost a science fiction fan and still have some problems seeing a real difference between costuming and cosplay, if there really is one. (I'll admit there are some differneces in the culture behind both costuming and cosplay, but the reasons to do it are very similar and the what's what isn't carved in stone...)

This journal is semi-friends only. Not because I'm overly antisocial or not interested in new contact (that couldn't be farther from the truth), but because the whole point of creating this journal for cosplay purposes was to get away from the stalking that went on on the platform I used before.


This means that there will be the occasional open entry, but everything I consider too closely related to my private life, my immediate cosplay- or shooting plans and the occasional entry with tutorials will be flocked.


If we had some contact here on Eljay or DA and you want to know a little more about me just drop me a line here and we go from there. XD

On that note: I consider "friending" on lj an interest in reading your entries - nothing more nothing less until you get to know a user to exchanging comments and so on... So if I friended you, it's probably because I found your journal entries interesting and want to follow them. Don't feel forced to friend me in turn. If you want to, that's fine of course.

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This journal will entirely focus on costuming and cosplay photography, occasianl fandom or gaming talk. Some entries will not be in English, but I'll filter them so only my local friend will see them.
I'm in a lot of other communities and portals, so I'm not sure how often I will check messages for this one, but I promise to try and answer asap...

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